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Best welding Helmets review 2020

A headgear is very important to wear when it comes to the protection of your eyes, face, and neck from ultraviolet rays, sparks or heat during welding. So, here you need a reasonable welding helmet choosing which a challenging task is. There are various welding helmets available on Amazon with good reviews out of which we have tested & filtered a few good choices with varying features and great utility to provide you with better welding experience at a budget-friendly price.
So, here is a buying guide for you which will definitely help you to buy a good welding helmet. We have listed down about 10 different welding helmets along with their features and pros and cons, one of which will definitely grab your attention.

TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet & Hearing Protection system

If you need a dynamic protection system for any welding job with the value-added advantage of hearing safety as well then TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet is the optimal choice for you. As the name indicates, the helmet is most suitable for the forestry type work providing safety to your eyes, neck, and face when you use chainsaws, trimmers & cutters, etc. The helmet is equipped with adjustable earmuffs, two separate face shields i.e., a plastic visor &a mesh visor for safeguardingyou from wreckages.
TR Industrial helmet is a lightweight headgear that is relatively easier to carry as compared to the other heavier substitutes.The adjustable hearing protection provides an amazing noise reduction system. If you go through its reviews you will find that the helmet is pretty comfortable and sturdy at a decent price having a 4.4 out of 5 ratings on amazon proving it to be a good option for those who want great functionality in a pocket-friendly price.
It is a CE approved product that is also certified as frustration-free and also recyclable. It is available in two colors i.e., Yellow and black with relatively easier assembling as compared to other helmets. All in all, the helmet is incredible providing you a good value for money.


The added advantage of hearing protection.
It comes with two screens i.e. plastic & mesh visor.
Light-weighted product.
Adjustable & removable earmuffs.
Equipped with convenient dial knob to adjust the circumference.
5 in 1 safety helmet.
It has a six-point ratchet suspension.


Low-quality earmuffs.
The clips holding headband sometimes un-snaps.
It is not suitable for professional use.


YESWELDER Large Viewing Welder Mask LYG-M800H

Nowadays, Auto-darkening welding helmets are being popular and we recommend it as it is way more functional than the other ones. If you don’t have the cost reservation and want to buy a premium quality helmet with advanced features and optimum quality then YESWELDER Large Viewing Welder Mask LYG-M800H is a perfect option for you. Unlike conventional helmets, this helmet has an auto-darkening feature that is most appropriate in the case of welding flashes. It automatically senses the strikes and triggers the shade. It has a super large viewing screen with 4 finest sensors which let you view more and better. It is equipped with a true color technology which makes the view finer having a superior optical clarity rating of 1-1-1-2.
It enhances visibility by decreasing the green tint. It is comfortable with a pivot style headgear providing a better fit & adjustable setting with a big-sized support cushion.It is the most suitable for plasma applications which reduces eye strain.
It’s a battery as well as solar energy operated protection equipment which comes with a battery and has an incredible 3000 hours average battery life. The amazon customer reviews prove it to be worth paying for with an overall 4-star rating. Moreover, it meets all the technical and safety standards of EN379 & ANSI Z87.1 which makes it worth it all.


It’s a professional-grade and an advanced unit.
It has optimum quality sensors and true color technology.
Solar energy can be used to energize the battery.
Meets all technical and safety standards.
It provides enhanced visibility and a comfortable fit.
Wider screen view.
It provides an auto-darkening effect.


It is a bit pricier.


Antra Welding Helmet AH6-260-0000 Solar-powered Helmet

Antra welding helmet comes with a professional-gradeperformance as claimed by the manufacturer to be providing better performance than the other peers ata lesser price. It has an exclusive auto-darkening technology featuring 4 sensors with smart chip control. It also has a value-added Interference suppression technology that detects the false stimulation like intense sunlight or fluorescent light etc. which differentiates it from the other helmets in the market with comparable features.
It has an incredible solar-powered battery system containing a solar cell and two replaceable batteries. It’s a fully automatic helmet equipped with a battery indicator and a self-darkening button. The helmet automatically starts functioning when a sense light but the system stays activated for 10 minutes in dark before going to sleep.
Antra welding helmet provides protection consistently with continuously functioning filters. It includes 6 extra lens cover plates and one interior lens cover plate. It has another unique feature of an additional quick grind switch for grinding. It is a lightweight helmet which reduces stress to the neck and face and a versatile product that can be used on various grinding, cutting & welding applications. The sensors are highly responsive and detect accurately, minimize harmful radiation dodge and prove to perfect for professional and industrial use.
It has gained a 4.4-star rating on Amazon and taken the second position among best welding helmets which is pretty fair due to its cost-effectiveness and unique features.


Offers professional-grade performance
It is an upgraded fully automatic welding helmet.
It has exclusive auto-darkening and interference suppression technology.
It is powered by solar power operated battery.


The battery takes time to charge.
The sensors become over-sensitive sometimes.


Hobart 770286 Flip front welding helmet

Hobart 770286 is the most budget-friendly helmet so far on the list. The helmet has a flip front which helps you to remove the helmet easily. It has a convenient adjustable and comfortable fit. Hobart 770286 is actually a basic model that provides all the functionality a welding helmet should have. It is suitable for those who want to have a safe and protective welding shield at a very cheap price. It does not have any auto-darkening feature or solar-powered batteries but still, it has 4.3 out of 5-star rating for the lightweight it possesses and a level of comfort and utility it provides to the user at a cheaper price than the competitors.
Overall, for the price, it’s a good basic model that is approved by ANSI so it is safe during any kind of welding activity. It has a reasonably sized viewing area i.e. 4.5 by 2 inches and contains all the essential features a welding helmet should have. Moreover, it has an adjustable fit that fits almost all head sizes. It comes with 10 different shades which you have to adjust yourself.


It is available with full functionality at a very cheap price.
The helmet is adjustable.
It comes with 20 variable shades.
ANSI approved
It has a very lightweight.


It lacks the advanced feature new models are coming with.
It only provides the basic function of a helmet.


Jackson Safety BH3 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Jackson’s safety has set the standard for their innovative safety solutions and robust welding helmets. This safety helmet is a light-weight shield that adds to your comfort when doing your job. It comes with an incredible Balder technology which allows the welder to do his work efficiently with a classy and superior quality optical clarity. The hood is engineered very carefully which ensures safety and comfort.
Jackson’s safety hood has earned the best EN379 rating for a clear vision. The helmet offers a premium auto-darkening technology through which a welder can see clearly at different angles. It offers 9-13 shades that protect your eyes from the harmful radiations during welding. It is also equipped with the sensitivity sensors and delay settings which make it suitable to be used for any environment. It comes with 3 headgear adjustments that suit most of the head size and also the size is adjustable without removing the helmet.
Jackson Safety BH3 has a 3.7-star rating on amazon and it meets ANSIISEA Z87.1+ requirements for greater protection and DIN plus standard for its quality. Overall, it has good customer reviews and the functions make it a reasonable choice for a safe welding experience.


It has a blue tint which enhances optical clarity.
It is equipped with an auto-darkening feature.
It has adjustable sensitivity.


Jackson’s safety lacks torch and grinding mode.
The auto-darkening test button is not available.


DEKOPRO Welding Helmet with Adjustable Shade Range 4/9-13 Welder Mask Blue Eagle Design

It is the solar-powered latest welding hood DEKOPRO has come up with. It contains almost all the features required for a great welding experience. The eco-friendly auto-darkening filter is incredibly good which switches from light to dark in 1/25000 sec. which is an exceptionally good figure. It is an ideal choice for safety meeting all the international safety and technical standards like ANSI & EN379 for ultimate protection from UV & IR radiation.
DEKOPRO welding helmet is fully adjustable comprising of 3 buttons for shade adjustment, sensitivity adjustment & delay time adjust. It has an alarm that stimulates when the battery gets low. The light-weight welding hood allows the users to see the area clearly with a reasonable viewing screen of 3.62’’x1.65’’through the lens which automatically gets adjusted according to the environment. The headband is also adjustable. This welding helmet is suitable for a long time working and various working environments. It is powered by a solar panel with an exceptionally good average battery life of approx. 5000 hours.
Along with good customer feedback and Amazon’s 4.1-star rating, DEKOPRO is an overall good safety tool available at a price of approx. 32$ which is fair enough when we come to its functionality. It is suitable for the new users who do not want to invest much amount in a welding helmet.


It has a very lightweight.
It has adjustable fittings.
5000 hours of long-life battery.
It can be powered by both i.e. solar panel and lithium battery.
Larger viewing visor
It can be used for both welding and grinding.


It sometimes looks cheap to the users.
Auto-darkening and shade adjustment feature stops functioning sometimes.


Husqvarna 592752601 Forest Head Protection Helmet

Husqvarna 592752601 is a tough headgear for the tough jobs as claimed by the company. The Husqvarna welding protection system comprises of a UV-protected headgear, Earmuffs, face visor & a neck protector. The helmet has a standard size that fits almost every head. Rain shield and a rain neck protector are the value-added addition that comes with the package which is of great use on site.
Husqvarna 592752601 has a 6-point suspension system and a slip ratchet adjustment as well. The highlighted orange color adds to the visibility which is most suitable for forestry. The headgear has a cotton-coated core that absorbs sweat. Moreover, this incredible protection system has met the technical & safety standards of ANSI for remarkable electrical insulation. The helmet is easy to assemble and has good customer reviews and Amazon rating i.e. 4.2 out of 5 stars which proves it to be a considerable choice when buying a suitable welding helmet.


It is easy to assemble.
Hi-frequency orange color ensures clear visibility.

Cheaper substitute for high-tech helmets.
It comes with other accessories like Rain shield & air muffs etc.
The core is coated with a sweat-absorbent headband.


It is the basic model and does not contain ADF technology.
The package includes a rear rain protector but some customers didn’t receive it.


TACKLIFE PAH03D welding Helmet

TACKLIFE PAH03D is a professional-grade unit that offers a solar-powered modern and Hi-tech safety technology with the advanced feature you may need to get yourself protected from UV/IR & other harmful radiation, debris & flashes, etc. It is a versatile helmet that can be used for TIG/MIG/MAG & ARC & Plasma welding. It has a top-class optical rating i.e., 1/1/1/1 for providing maximum protection to your eyes. Unlike other helmet brands, it uses shade 3 which has 14% light transmittance which enables the welders to see more clearly. The other brands normally use shade 4 which has only 5% light transmittance.
It has 4 superior sensors that detect welding arc and drive signals to stimulate the filters. You can adjust the filter shade according to your working needs. The filter is highly comfortable for eyes that cut-off harmful blue light and provides relief to the eyes.
The headgear is specially designed in a way to reduce stress & pressure to the user’s head, Moreover, the inner core is sweat-absorbent which provides immense comfort to the welder. It has a larger viewing screen to ensure a clearer and larger view. The filters switch from light to dark in 1/25000 seconds which is considerably less time. PA material is used which provides better fire resistance than the PP material which is commonly used in ordinary welding helmets. It is equipped with built-in switches to help you to switch to different settings like shade, sensitivity, and mode, etc. without taking down the helmet.


It’s a light-weighted welding helmet that weighs only 14.1 ounces.
The helmet is flame resilient.
Sturdy and durable.
Equipped with all modern features.


You’ll have to flip it down yourself.


3M Welding Helmet 9100, 06-0100-30Isw

The 3M Welding Helmet 9100, 06-0100-30Isw has an auto-darkening filter that enables the users to recognize the colors more appropriately to help you focus your welding experience and grinding. Moreover, external switches are available to switch to the grinding add memory modes effortlessly.It’s a professional-grade unit which is designed to provide all the requirements. It has a clear vision that is it helps to see more realistic colors. It has a highly specialized user interface that is easy to understand and comprehend. It has a battery life of up to 1800 hours. It is easy to wear and without causing any problems, it helps the owner to have a broad clear view of the whole area in front of him. It has an auto welder that works quickly and also it has 3M speed glass silver panel. Moreover, it has some more benefits that it allows the exhaled air from your mouth out of the helmet which is reducing heat, humidity, and fogging of the welder filter. Big knobs for simple alteration of “prep” and “parking” pivot positions, even while you are wearing gloves. It has two adjustable crown straps that have maintained constancy and also manage the weight distribution.


It is easy to wear and comfortably used without any problem
It reduces neck stain when you nod your head with your helmet on.
It protects the face from harmful radiation and debris when you are traveling.
With the help of its clear crystal lens, you can have better visibility.


Sometimes, it can be a little difficult to view on the route
It is not a fully automatic device.
You just have to flip it up and down.


Lincoln Electric Viking 3350

The Lincoln Electric Viking is famous for its versatility and the improved and enhanced 4C lens technology as it can be used for various jobs due to its large viewing screen. Moreover, the 4C lens technology enables the user to see with an optical clarity rating of 1/1/1/1 which ensures improved visibility and reduces eye strain by minimizing the lime green tint. It has a pivot style headgear which is comfortable enough for long hours. This welding helmet has a solar-powered battery panel with considerable battery life.
Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 differentiates itself due to its impressive technology so far as the optical clarity and the lens quality is concerned. It is equipped with an exceptional auto-darkening technology with automatically switching filters in no time.
Moreover, it has an exception 4.7-star rating out of 5 which proves it to be a considerable choice in this price. It also meets all the necessary safety and technical standards. The customer reviews are very good and we will definitely recommend this sturdy headgear if you want to choose something that is not only versatile but also offers you the value for the money you pay.


Enhanced 4C lens technology is used for exceptional optical clarity.
Wide viewing area.
Versatile to be used in various jobs.
Comfortable headgear.


Although the helmet has exceptional functionality sometimes it proves to be over-rated.



So these were few highly-rated protecting headgears that may benefit your overall welding experience. There are few basic models while some are modern hi-tech ones featuring varying functions and specifications according to your desired work environment and need. Now, it is up to you to choose a solid basic model at a minimal price or to go for an advanced pricier model. We hope that this buying guide will help you to find a suitable one at a reasonable price and one of them will absolutely grab your attention.

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